Local Information

¤ Weather Forecasts for the week of Monday, May 22

It is expected to be sunny for all of the week, with temperatures around 18-20C. It will get humid, but with a light breeze blowing in the central hours of the day.
Consider that the temperature in Nervi is always 2 or 3 degrees above that in the rest of town.

¤ Local Transportation

Travelling from the airport to a hotel

The line 100 Volabus is the fast bus between the airport "C. Colombo" and the centre. The ticket costs 3.00€, but one can ride also with a standard weekly pass (see below).
From the airport, the bus reaches Stazione Piazza Principe, Piazza De Ferrari, and Piazza Verdi.

» Get off at Stazione Piazza Principe to go to Hotel Bellevue.

» Get off in Piazza De Ferrari, walk to Piazza Dante and take bus 15 all the way to the terminus stop in Nervi for hotels in that area (Astor, Esperia).

» Get off in Piazza De Ferrari, walk to Via Dante and take bus 42 to Boccadasse (ask the driver for the stop) for Hotel La Capannina.

» Get off at Stazione Brignole for Hotel Astoria, climb along Via de Amicis to Piazza Brignole (it is not the square in front of the train station).

How to reach DISI

(a) from the railway station Brignole

Take bus 17 or 17/ in Piazza G. Verdi (direction San Martino, eastward).
Get off the bus at the first stop on Corso Europa, near "Ospedale San Martino". The bus stop is the first after theend of Corso Gastaldi. It is easy to tell when you are on Corso Gastaldi: it is a large double-lane road which climbs up, leaving railroad tracks on its left. It ends just after the tracks disappear. At that point you may ring the bell to request the bus stops. On the right you may notice the following big signs in succession: "COOP" in red, "OPEL" in yellow, "Blockbuster" in blue - just in front of the bus stop. Walk back along the road for some 50 meters, then take on your left the steps of Salita Papigliano. Cross the first road you meet (Via San Martino). Climb up along Via Papigliano, to reach Via Padre Semeria, a small lane enclosed by high walls. You see a small gate in front of you: go through it and walk the metal bridge. When you are to take the steps down, you see the main entrance to the Departments of Computer Science and Mathematics.

(b) from the railway station Genova Piazza Principe

Take a train to Genova Brignole (a bus ticket allows to ride trains within the town) and then take a bus (see instructions above). By train, it takes about 10 minutes to go from Principe to Brignole.

(c) from Nervi

Take bus 15 from the terminus stop next to the Post Office in Via Franchini, after the crossroad at the top of Viale delle Palme. The ride along the seaside takes some 15-20 minutes, then the bus route moves away from the sea and starts climbing. At the bus stop at the top of the hill, you'll see a very ugly, concrete grey building on the left. Then the bus rides a narrow two-way road (Via Pisa), then on to a wide four lane street (Via Boselli). Get off the bus at the stop in Via Boselli (in front of a modern church).
You may see signs for DISI: at the traffic light after the bus stop, take Via Guerrazzi on the right, going upward, turn left in Via Pisa, then right on Via Flora which continues into Via Dodecaneso. At the very end of that road, there is the entrance to the University Grounds. Enter the grounds: DISI is the last department along the road.

(d) from the centre, Piazza De Ferrari

Take bus 15 from Piazza Dante. After some 15 minutes, the route climbs a hill with sharp bends. After reaching the top of the hill (Via Albaro), you will see a park on the right, and the bus will get into a large square (Piazza Leonardo). The stop after the square is Via Boselli.
You may see signs for DISI: at the traffic light after the bus stop, take Via Guerrazzi on the left, going upward, turn left in Via Pisa, then right on Via Flora which continues into Via Dodecaneso. At the very end of that road, there is the entrance to the University Grounds. Enter the grounds: DISI is the last department along the road.

Bus tickets

Tickets can be bought at a bus company kiosk (there is one in piazza Verdi, in front of station Brignole), at any newsagent's or at any tobacconist's (it shows "a white T against a black background" sign). You can buy tickets on a bus only after 8 p.m. Bus tickets are valid also on the underground and on railway trains within the town area (Voltri to Nervi).

The possible choices are

  1. single fare ticket: it costs 1.00€, it is valid for 90 minutes. It has to be validated at a small yellow/orange machine at the beginning of the trip:
    • on the bus on the side labeled "Convalida sui mezzi AMT"
    • at the train station on the side labeled "Convalida per viaggio FS"
  2. carnet of ten tickets: it costs 9.50€ and holds ten single fare tickets. The carnet stub must be shown together with the ticket.
  3. weekly pass: it costs 10.00€. It must be validated at the beginning of the first trip, and mark with the user's name and the date of the week's Monday (for MFPSXXII it is 22/5/2006).

¤ Map of the Town

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¤ Restaurants

Street numbers in Genoa come in two colours: black usually for houses, and red for shops.
Of course, they grow separately along a street. Red number "14" is shown as "14r".

Zona Nervi
  • Ristorante Pizzeria "La Spiga"
    Via Marco Sala 14r, tel 0103726394
    Open in the evenings, lunches on Saturday and Sunday. Local cuisine and fish
  • Ristorante "5 maggio"
    Via 5 maggio 26, tel 0103776969
    Ristorante pizzeria, open every day. Advance booking is strongly advised. Bus 15 from Nervi stops exactly in front of the restaurant. Expensive
  • Ristorante "Medusa"
    Passeggiata Anita Garibaldi 27A
    Pizza and fish. Reasonable price, considering the view. Prices from 20€
Zona Centro
  • Pizzeria "La sosta degli artisti"
    Piazza San Donato 55r, tel. 0102466149
    Open every day 12-15 and 19-1. Advance booking is advised. Prices below 20€
  • Osteria "La Cabotina"
    Via San Sebastiano 34r, tel 010590373
    Open in the evenings, Tuesday-Saturday. Advance booking is advised. Prices below 20€
  • Trattoria da Ugo
    Via Dei Giustiniani 86r, tel 0102469302
    Open every day except Monday. Excellent local cuisine at prices below 20€. Advance booking is advised
  • Antica Osteria di Vico Palla
    Vicolo Palla 15r (at Porto Antico), tel. 0102466575
    Open every day expect Monday. Excellent local cuisine at prices below 30€
  • Antica Osteria della Foce
    Via Ruspoli 72/74r (take bus 20 to terminus "Foce"), tel 0105533155
    Open 12-15, 19.30-22.30. Closed on Saturday for lunch, and on Sunday. Advance booking is necessary
  • Ristorante "Le rune"
    Via Domoculta 14r (uphill from via XXV Aprile), tel 010594951
    Open for lunch until 14.30, for dinner until 22.30. Closed on Saturday and on Sunday for lunch. Prices above 20€
  • Ristorante "Il Matto"
    Vico della Casana 9/int.1 (on the first floor of a private house), tel 0102466667
    Closed on Sunday. Local cuisine with a twist. Advance booking is advised. Price around 30€
  • Ristorante arabo "Nabil"
    Vicolo Falamonica 21r, tel 0102476114
    A Jordanian cook prepares excellent middle-eastern food: from Mansaf to Kifta and Jiaj. Advanced booking is advised. Prices around 25€
  • Osteria "San Matteo"
    Piazza San Matteo 4-6r, tel 0102473282
    Closed on Monday. Re-elaborated local cuisine, excellent choice of wines. Prices from 20€
  • Pizzeria di Vico dei Biscotti
    Vico dei Biscotti (on a corner of Piazza delle Erbe), tel 0102518990
    Open every day, but for lunch on Saturday or Sunday. Plenty of space. Prices below 20€
Zona Boccadasse
Near Hotel La Capannina
  • Pizzeria "Il Guscio"
    Via Boccadasse 37r, tel 0103770086
  • Pizzeria Biancini
    Via Boccadasse 9r, tel 0103777575
  • Trattoria "Dindi"
    Piazza Nettuno 11r, tel 0103761364
    Mainly fish. Prices around 30€
  • Ristorante "Santa Chiara a Boccadasse"
    Via Capo S. Chiara 69 (on a corner of Piazza Nettuno), tel 0103770081
    Excellent restaurant. Wide price range 30-50€
  • Antica Trattoria "Osvaldo"
    Via della Casa 2r, tel 0103771881
    Closed on Monday. Expensive
  • Ristorante "Creuza De Ma"
  • Piazza Nettuno 2, tel 0103770091
    Good restaurant. Price range 25-40€
These restaurants are near the conference site, and offer a fairly reasonable option for lunch if one does not want to eat at the Mensa. They are listed from the one closest to DISI.
  • Bar "Pit Stop"
    Via San Martino 31r
    Excellent for a quick sandwich
  • Bar "Pit Stop 2"
    Via San Martino 23r
    Same management as "Pit Stop", but wider seating area, a few more choices on the menu
  • Chinese Restaurant "La Muraglia"
    Via San Martino 11, tel 0105221371
    Always open
  • Chinese Restaurant "Nuova era"
    Corso Europa 63, tel 010501758
    Always open
  • Pizzeria "Fuorigrotta"
    Corso A. Gastaldi 191r, tel 0105299055
  • Bar "La Piazza"
    Piazza Leonardo Da Vinci 1r, tel 010 312235
    The best choice of all, but ask for directions to a local before going.